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Team Video Review - $175

With a copy of the game provided by the team, Craig will go through the game and identify team mistakes. Craig will identify missed assignments in coverage, positional errors, play selection and overall systems failures. When preparing for opponents, Craig will also offer strategy when playing particular teams.

Team Practice - $125

Craig will attend the team's practice and focus on power skating and puck skill development. If the coach wishes to see high tempo flow drills, Craig will implement particular drills based on team's competency.  Craig will spend time addressing the needs of each player as he sees fit.

Individual Review-$100

With a copy of the game provided by the player, Craig will go through the game shift by shift and critique the play. Following his review of the game he will provide shift by shift analysis of that player in writing. The comments will include all the positives and negatives as they apply to that game as well as provide suggestions on what to do next time. A meeting with the player with diagrams and explanation will be done  online. Will drive to the rink and record shifts personally... cost TBD based on drive time 

Private Lesson - $110 ( this will include the cost of ice )

Private 1 on 1 lesson includes work on skating mechanics, puck control and shooting. Craig will identify the baseline skill set for the player on the first session with an on ice evaluation then he will start improving upon each skill.

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